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10 years

Minecraft's new 10th-anniversary map is awesome

The hugely popular sandbox construction game, which was created by Mojang AB and has sold almost 180 million copies across all platforms, has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. To share the joy with its fans, Mojang has released a spectacular map which allows you to explore Minecraft's history by visiting a huge museum which showcases all the blocks, enemies and animals in the game, lots of statues, paintings and much more.


The most influential games of the 21st century

Who would have thought that Californian game developer Maxis will hit the jackpot with a title that focuses on managing someone else's life? Truth be told, lots of people want to control others, so the game's success is hardly a surprise. Still, the developer needs to be praised for discovering a new niche and creating a game that has people controlling the Sims' lives, making them go to work, interact with others, etc.




Microsoft & Sony forge a gaming partnership

The companies behind Xbox One and PS4 have recently revealed their strategic partnership. Microsoft and Sony plan to exchange info and technology from now on, with the goal of building shared infrastructures for their future projects. Basically, Sony will use Microsoft's cloud platform for its game and content streaming services. So, PS6 may stream games using Azure, thus making it possible for Sony to reduce the price of its future consoles significantly.


Add a 1TB NVMe SSD to your PC for cheap

NVM Express drives were invented by Intel back in 2007, so it's not a surprise that the company continues to be one of the industry leaders. The good news is that, even though data transfer speeds are slightly lower in comparison with Samsung's EVO SSDs, for example, the price of Intel's 660p SSD can't be beaten. You get a 1 TB unit for less than $100, after all. So, use PC Gamer's exclusive discount and get rid of the old hard drive.




Micron sets world's DDR4 overclocking record

The Idaho-based company has set a new overclocking speed record, making its DDR4 memory modules run at a huge 5726MT/s. That's almost 80% faster than the JEDEC DDR4 speed of 3200MT/s, a very impressive performance when you consider that fact that CAS latency has remained CL24. It's true that the record was set using a liquid nitrogen cooling system, but most people should be able to overclock their Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600MT/s modules quite a bit without running into trouble.


The best headphones for gaming

How do you choose a pair of headphones for gaming? Most people think that if their headsets are good enough for music, they'll offer a rewarding gaming experience as well. Still, the perfect pair of headphones for games must be comfortable, because you'll wear them several hours each day. Then, they need to be closed, because they'll have to cut out the surrounding noise. Finally, they need to incorporate a good microphone.




The top gaming blogs & game review sites

Okay, I have my own list of preferred gaming sites. In fact, you'll see some of my favorites in the site footer. However, I can understand why most people may have other website selection criteria, so here's a list of gaming blogs and sites that was created by Ranker. Actually, the list is created by gamers, who visits those sites and upvote their favorites. Click the button below to go to Ranker, and then add and/or vote the best gaming resource.


Making games accessible for everyone

Wannabe gamers who have physical disabilities need to rely on third-party hardware manufacturers, which will often create custom (and pricey) controllers for them. Fortunately, game consoles are much easier to use in comparison with fully fledged PCs, because they have been built with a single purpose in mind. And organizations such as The Controller Project work with volunteers who will create free, custom controllers for people who request them.